Cross Flow Filter

Key Features:

1. Numerous design options available

2. Chemical and heat resistance

3. High mechanical strength

4. Robust

Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

Cross Flow Filter offers a cost-effective water/liquid solution for the various ultrafiltration applications. Crossflow membrane filtration is a modern mature technique that is commonly used as a standard formula for liquid processing to improve clarification, product removal, concentration and separation in a wide range of manufacturing sectors.

How Cross-flow filter works

Cross flow filtration is different from dead-end filtration in which the material is passed through a layer, the solids are trapped in the filter and the filtrate is released at the other end. It provides a strong wire mesh membrane that is combined with an optimized cartridge and rack design.

During the cross flow filtration, the feed is passed through the filter membrane at the positive pressure comparative to the permeate side. An extent of the material that is smaller than the mesh pore size passes through it as permeator filtrate and the remaining material is accumulated on the feed side of mesh.

Cross Flow Filter Characteristics

  • Modular design and convenient installation
  • Automatic fibre integrity testing
  • Low energy pumps
  • Cost-effective operation
  • Small footprint and saves space
  • Easy removal of bacteria, virus and colloid
  • Selective and reliable separation
  • Enhanced product output
  • Proven technology
  • Quick retrofitting
  • Low maintenance
  • Vast differences in feed quality puts minor effect on permeate quality
  • No flocculating agents or chemicals needed
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