expanded metal for battery electrode

Expanded Metal for Battery Electrode

Key Features:

Wide Range of Metals and Alloys Available

We provide custom slitting, blanking, heat treatment etc.

We control the quality precisely

Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

Heanjia Super Metals provide expanded metal for battery electrode applications. It works as current collector and also provides the electrical connection point for the external circuit. It is mainly used in batteries, like Ni-MH battery, Ni-Cd battery and lithium ion cells, etc.


  • Battery Current Collector
  • Battery Support Structure

Our Advantages:

  • We provide wide range of alloys available in the industry, such as nickel, copper, aluminum, nickel coated stainless steel plate, Tin, Zinc, Titanium and silver, etc.
  • We provide custom slitting, blanking, heat treatment and edge treatment options.
  • We control the quality precisely: we control the mesh’s area density, thickness, opening, strength; our product does not have black spot, oil stains, wrinkle, connected hole and breaking stick. It is flat and clear diamond.


  • Mesh size starting at TL1mm x TB2mm
  • Base material thickness down to 0.04mm
  • Widths to 400mm

Factors need to be considered when you choose the expanded metal mesh for battery electrode:

  • Resistivity.
  • Surface Area
  • Open Area
  • Weight
  • Overall Thickness
  • Material Type
  • Battery Life

Expanded Metal Specifications for Battery Electrode:

Battery Chemistry LiM02 Lis02 Li/S0Cl2 Zinc/Air Aluminum-Air Mg-AgCl
Typical Metals SS & Al Al Ni & SS Ni Ni Cu
Metal Thickness .003-.005’’ .004-.005’’ .003-.005’’ .002-.005’’ .003-.005’’ .004-.005’’
Strand Width .005-.015’’ .008-.020’’ .005-.025’’ .003-.010’’ .004-.010’’ .015-.020’’
LWD .031-.125’’ .077-.125’’ .050-.284’’ .050-.077’’ .050-.100’’ .125-.189’’
Battery Chemistry Ag Zn Ni Zn Li Ion Li Lon Polymer NiMH  
Typical Metals Ag Cu &Ni Al & Cu Al & Cu Ni & NiPlFe
Metal Thickness .003-.005’’ .003-.005’’ .001-.002’’ .0015-.002’’ .003-.005’’
Strand Width .005-.010’’ .005-.010’’ .002-.005’’ .005-.010’’ .005-.020’’
LWD .050-.125’’ .050-.125’’ .020-.050’’ .050-.125’’ .050-.125’’


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