expanded nickel mesh electrode for battery Heanjia Super-Metals

Nickel Mesh Electrode

Key Features:

1. Stable performance in the diverse attacking conditions

2.  Long service

3. High strength and good electrical properties

4. Economical than electrodes made from other techniques.

Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

Nickel Mesh Electrode is also called currency collector; it is made of nickel foil by precision expanding technique. It has high resistance to strong acids like phosphorous trichloride, phosphorous oxychloride and benzoyl chloride. It fits best for fuel cell operations for example as nickel-compartment/Ni-Hi/Li-ion battery electrode.

Nickel Expanded Mesh Foil is manufactured by symmetrically slitting and stretching the nickel sheet to produce diamond shape openings. This type of expanded mesh has avoided the electric flow problem which usually occurs in the woven wire mesh.

Nickel Mesh Electrode Characteristics:

  1. High strength
  2. Good durablity
  3. Elevated temperature properties
  4. Excellent corrosion resistance in the variety of media
  5. Heat resistance

Production of Nickel Mesh Electrode:

Nickel expanded mesh electrode is an innovative product with great mechanical properties. It allows complete supply of air, liquid and light. It is easily bendable and cut.

High precision and lightweight expanded mesh Nickel is a durable material with beautiful appearance. It is used in chemical processing and energy conservation operations. Expanded Nickel metal foil has been proven for using as electrode in the diverse battery and electrochemical applications. We take the special measures to produce nickel mesh with smooth surface.  It is delivered as coils and cut to size sheets.

Heanjia Super-Metals offer fine mesh expanded Nickel metal fabricated for the high technology battery applications that demand close tolerances. Contact us for Nickel expanded metal mesh prices and receive a complete quote today.

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