Nickel wire mesh for electrode battery

Nickel Wire Mesh for Electrode

Key Features:

1. Supreme corrosion resistance in fresh, salt and brackish water

2. Resistance to corrosion in dry gases, acids and alkalies

3. Good electrical and heat conductivities

Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

Nickel wire mesh for electrode is produced by weaving nickel wires into diverse styles. It is suitable for use in alkaline fuel cells. Nickel has good mechanical characteristics and low stress while offering excellent corrosion resistance and strength properties. It offers much better performance than stainless steel.

Nickel wire mesh for electrode may need plating nickel on the mesh in order to improve the electricity conductivity. However, the plating process may affect the mesh’s permeability by blocking the mesh holes. So the plating process needs precise control.

Properties of Nickel Wire Mesh Electrode

  1. Good surface
  2. Good electricity conductivity
  3. Strong corrosion resistance
  4. Prolonged service time
  5. Ultra tight tolerances
  6. Smoothness of aperture walls
  7. Aperture stability

Benefits of using Nickel Wire Mesh as electrode

1.High electrical conductivity

2.Good electrocatalytic activity

3.Adequate selectivity

4.Long-term mechanical stability

5. Corrosion resistance

6.Dimensional stability

7. Prolong chemical stability

8. Availability and economical

9. Health safety

10. Uninterrupted flow of electrolyte liquid

Nickel wire mesh electrode is used in fuel cells and electrolysis on industrial scale for the production of various metals, purification and other purposes. It reliably enhances the service while becoming economical and advantageous.

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