Silver Sintering Basket

Key Features:

1: Used as silver sintering basket

2: Used as PTC Thermistor and NTC thermistor sintering basket

3: Used as electronic parts ceramic materials sintering basket

4: Used as thick film circuit and semiconductor sintering basket


Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

Silver Sintering Basket is also called silver firing basket. It is widely used for silver sintering Procedures. Silver sintering basket is mostly made of nichrome alloys and made with advanced technique. It can work for long time without deforming or breaking in high temperature, as high as 1250℃.

Silver sintering basket has high requirements to nichrome alloy and processing technique. The application will be effected if any of these requirements were not achieved. We have 20 years’ experience of supplying the basket and the nichrome mesh that used to make the basket.

Silver Sintering Basket also has following applications:

1: PTC Thermistor and NTC Thermistor sintering basket
2: Electronic parts ceramic materials sintering basket
3: Thick film circuit and semiconductor sintering basket
4: Ceramic capacitor sintering basket
5: Chip resistance and chip sensor sintering basket
6: Li-ion battery anode and photovoltaic wafer sintering basket

The silver sintering baskets are manufactured according to each customer’s requirements, such as the mesh opening size, basket’s width, length, depth, etc. The commonly used silver sintering basket models are showed in the images.

The commonly used nichrome alloys are Nichrome 80 and Nichrome 60; Nichrome alloy is ideal material for Electronic Parts Sintering processes because of the following advantages:

1: Anti-deformation ability in high temperature,
2: Thermal stability
3: shockproof performance in the hot state
4: oxidation resistance.


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