Inconel 600 Mesh

Key Features:

1.Excellent resistance to high purity water used in nuclear reactor

2. Prevents attack due to nitrides & sulfur solutions at medium temperatures

3. Mesh Size: 0.2mesh/inch to 300mesh/inch

4. Wire dia: 0.03mm to 8.0mm

Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

Inconel 600 Mesh (UNS N06600) is a specialized engineering material that offers excellent resistance to corrosion, heat and oxidation. It is used in the elevated temperature conditions up to 2150oF where corrosion risk due to oxidizing and reducing conditions is intense.

With its superior corrosion prevention properties, Inconel 600 Mesh is ideal for use in the nuclear steam production plants, heat processing units, polymer production, alkaline metal production, petroleum & chemical industry and furnace components.

Properties of Inconel 600 Mesh:

  1. Excellent oxidation and heat resistance
  2. Preferred for applications at operation temperatures above 700oC.
  3. Outstanding corrosion and cracking resistance
  4. Great mechanical properties at low to high temperatures
  5. Firm construction
  6. Non-magnetic
  7. Elevated temperature resistance
  8. High cold forming performance
  9. Supreme weldabiltiy

Applications of Inconel 600 Mesh:

Petroleum refining, chemical, aerospace industry, hydropower, nuclear industry, oil refining and ship construction, chemical fiber and machine construction industry.

Inconel 600 Mesh Available Specifications:

Mesh: 0.2mesh to 300mesh

Wire dia: 0.05mm to 8.0mm

Mesh width: up to 5000mm

Inconel 600 Chemical Composition:

C Cr Cu Fe Mn Ni Si S
0.15 % 14 – 17 % 0.5 % 6 – 10 % 1 % Bal 0.5 % 0.015 %

 Inconel 600 Physical Properties:

Density 0.306 lb/ cubic inch
Specific gravity 8.47
Specific heat 0.106 Btu/lb/ oF for 32oF to 212oF
Electrical resistivity 620 micro-ohm-cm at 68oF
Melting Point 2550 oF
Thermal conductivity 103
Mean coefficient of thermal expansion 5.8
Magnetic permeability 1.01
Modulus of elasticity tension 31.1
Reduction of area 60 %

Following the chemistry, Inconel grade can be categorized into Inconel 600, Inconel 601, Inconel 625, Inconel 718 and Inconel X-750. Heanjia Super-Metals is a leading supplier of Inconel Mesh that is made into the above grades, offering the various specifications and customized sizes following the client’s needs.

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