Inconel 601 Mesh

Key Features:

1. High temperature oxidation and spalling resistance

2. Great strength and prevents cracking under large stresses

3. Mesh Size: 0.2mesh/inch to 300mesh/inch

4. Wire dia: 0.03mm to 8.0mm

Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

Inconel 601 Mesh (UNS N06601) provides excellent resistance to oxidation and aqueous corrosion in the high temperature application media. It retains mechanical properties and creep rupturing strength at the elevated temperatures up to 1260oC or 2300of. Inconel 601 Mesh is known for providing superior corrosion resistance than alloy 600 and is commonly used in the petroleum processing units. This grade is not suggested for the applications involving sulfur based reducing environments.

Inconel 601 is heat resistant material because it prevents the formation of intermetallic embrittlement phases at the elevated temperatures. Therefore it is recommended for use in equipments for prolonged elevated temperature operations.

Inconel 601 Mesh Properties:

  1. High mechanical strength and ductility
  2. Resists spaling, carburization and heat corrosion
  3. High creep rupturing strength
  4. Excellent corrosion resistance
  5. Great oxidation resistance up to 2200of or 1250oC

Inconel 601 Mesh Available Specifications:

Wire diameter: 0.05mm to 8mm

Opening size: 0.05mm to 30mm

Sheet size: width up to 5000mm,  no limit to length.

Inconel 601 Mesh chemical Composition:

Al C Cr Cu Fe Mn Ni Si S
1.4 % 0.05 22.5 <=1 14 % 0.3 % 61.5 % 0.2 % 0.015 %

 Inconel 601 Mesh Property Data:

Density 8.11 g/cc or 0.293 lb/in³
Ultimate Tensile Strength 620 MPa at 550oC or 89900 psi at 1020oF
760 MPa at 23oC or 110000 psi at 73.4oF
Yield Strength 450 MPa at strain 0.200 % or 65300 psi at strain 0.200 %
330 MPa at strain 0.200 % at temperature 550oC or 47900 psi at strain 0.200 % at temperature 1020oF
Elongation 42%  or 32% at temperature 550oC
Electrical Resistivity 0.000119 ohm-cm
Magnetic permeability 1.003
Curie temperature -196oC or -321oF
Linear coefficient of thermal expansion 13.75 micro-m/m oC at  20oC to 100oC or 7.639 micro-in/inch-oF at temperature 68oF to 212oF
Specific heat capacity 0.448 J/g-oC or 0.107 BTU/lb/oF
Thermal conductivity 11.2 W/m-K or 77.7 BTU-in/hr-ft2-oF
Melting Point 1360oC to 1411oC or 2480oF to 2572oF
Solidus temperature 1360oC or 2480oF
Liquidus temperature 1411oC or 2572oF
Max. Operating Temperature 2100 oF
Specifications ASTM B166, AMS 5715
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