Inconel 625 Mesh

Key Features:

1. Attack resistant in aqueous solutions

2. No corrosion in intense oxidation, pitting and crevice conditions

3. Mesh Size: 0.2mesh/inch to 300mesh/inch

4. Wire dia: 0.03mm to 8.0mm

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Product Description:

Inconel 625 mesh provides outstanding performance in high temperature applications that need good strength and oxidation resistance. Inconel 625 Mesh also resists attack in many acids and prevents intergranular corrosion and chloride stress corrosion cracking.

We supply Inconel mesh in customized sizes and shapes, such as mesh in sheet, roll, ring shape, round shape, heat treating baskets and heat treating trays, etc.

Properties of Inconel 625 Mesh:

  • Resistance to corrosion in alkalis, seawater and fresh water
  • Resistance to natural salts and other media
  • Scaling resistance at the elevated temperature
  • High temperature mechanical strength and hardness up to 2000oF

Applications of Inconel 625 Mesh

Heat security, furnace modules, aerospace engineering, combustion units, chemical processing plants, offshore marine water applications, pollution control and nuclear power reactors, jet engines and flue gas scrubbers.

Inconel 625 Mesh Available Specifications:

Mesh: 0.2mesh/inch to 250mesh/inch

Wire diameter: 0.05mm to 8mm

Opening size: 0.05mm to 30mm

Sheet size: width up to 5000mm,  no limit to length.

Inconel 625 Mesh Chemistry:

Al C Cr Co Fe Mn Mo Nb P Ni Si S Ti
0.4 % 0.1 % 20 – 23 % 1 % 5 % 0.5 % 8 – 10 % 3.15 – 4.1 0.015 % Bal 0.5 % 0.015 % 0.4 %

Inconel Mesh Pictures:

Inconel Wire mesh (2)Inconel wire meshInconel meshHeat treating tray (2)Heat treating trayheat treating basket (2)

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