Benefits of Customized and Integrated insect screening solutions


Imagine having a screen that doesn’t seem to be there but prevents everything to enter in your place. Get easy access to indoor and outdoor areas without the extreme glare of the sun or annoying mosquitoes. Thanks to Heanjia’s window screens with large openings. Living in an insect-free and entertaining home is easy.


  • Sun screening
  • Insect protection
  • Fresh air flow
  • Lower air conditioning cost

Executive screens are custom made and professionally installed to fit a wide range of openings. You can use them easily in large picture windows, folding walls and Lift and slide door systems. Common applications include:

  1. Patios
  2. Verandas and Lanais
  3. Porches
  4. Balconies

Customized to every building project, the window insect screens merge perfectly with decor to maintain the integrity of your design. The retractable screens can be recessed from view or mounted on existing structures. They can be easily integrated in every type of architectural style such as wood, brick, stucco, natural stone and concrete. They are custom fit and professionally installed for single openings of any size.

There is nothing like being able to keep your door fully open to enjoy the breeze particularly in the end of a hot day. Mesh screens offered by Heanjia are insect screen that are almost invisible, providing fresh air while keeping bugs at the bay. So, you will not overall change the look of your home. The screens come in different sizes and mesh types, ideally matching with your decor.

A problem with traditional fixed window screens is that they always compromise your view, making it tough to clean the window and detract from the aesthetics of your house. With Heanjia’s window screens you enjoy insect-free ventilation and your view. They are made in all types and sizes of windows- even custom wood windows and can be used for insect protection and solar shading. SO when your house is basking in sunshine you can open your windows wide to let the air in.

We have been developing and designing China insect screen protection solutions for several years. High quality insect screens are easy to use and increase user convenience. The whole range of insect protection offers high quality solutions with an advanced design and new performance. Features like internal, invisible corners enable the latest profiles to be associated seamlessly and professional. The harmonization of aluminium profile range for windows and doors has significantly decreased the number of various accessory items. The new designs make it easy for end users to find their way among the range of products and choose the most appropriate one.

Patented new developments  of China insect screens with adjustable closing force and advanced, no-drill fixing types make it easy for end-users to use products and improve user convenience. The whole range of insect protection offers high quality solutions with an advanced design and new functionality. Features like internal, invisible corners allow the new profiles to be associated with seamlessly and professional.

A large range of sizes and special solutions are available for windows, roof windows and doors.