Effective and efficient window screens for your all house protection requirements

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For several years, Heanjia has been developing professional insect screens with the highest standards of quality and utility. Virtually invisible and effective, our complete solutions integrate in your living environment.

Insect screens should be unobstrusive should not dominate your living style. So we offer a great importance to an integrated design combined with the highest level of service. Every inbuilt solution can be individually customized with our sophisticated systems. Therefore a large range of combinations are introduced to fulfill your needs. Every component should achieve the extreme standards to lead a convincing final product. We use high quality, corrosion resistant materials for our complete product range. Thus the insect screens will improve your outstanding lightness with enhanced longevity, durability and stability.

Industrialization and high traffic increase air pollution with particulate matter. Due to high counts more and more people have to stay indoors. So prevention is a major part in correspondence to healthy ventilation. We have been producing high quality transparent and functional mesh for more than three decades with an aim to

  1. Reduce the entrance of noxious particles.
  2. Ensure the highest possible ventilation and light flow
  3. Clear view and transparency

So we find new approaches to improve China Window screen effectiveness and efficiency of our mesh solutions. Our products are tested for optimal protection mesh, effective particle protection and high light and air flow. We are a leading insect screen provider dealing with the subject of particle preventive solutions by developing a screen that not just protects against insects even also from pollens and particulate matter. Our screens are excellent in retaining pollens and dust for offering better air quality. With its smaller mesh size, we succeed in increasing the retention values without considerable reduction in optics or light or air flow.

The outstanding characteristics of our protective mesh while maintaining excellent air flow have set the industrial benchmark. Virtually invisible mesh offer the privilege of leaving doors and windows open to enable you fully enjoy your climate.

A variety of tests are conducted to confirm the groundbreaking efficiency of our mesh products. The results are tested and approved by third parties o improve your life quality with our particle protective mesh.

We understand that every built-in situation is different therefore effective insect screens are tailored to suit your needs. Operation and maintenance are made simple. With customized installation of our efficient insect screen solutions, you will receive high stability and durability that make your day full of joy.

Whether you need to read in your living room or enjoy the outside, with window mesh screens you will have a carefree time. The sophisticated systems are designed to offer flexible application options with outdoor blinds or other weather protective sides. The screens are integrated in a pre-existing frame and are easy to maintain. We offer proven and smooth solutions for windows and doors offering high stability without the need to change your existing system design. Our screens are also ideal for yard and patio doors with high use for all building requirements.