Fine and uniform Hastelloy mesh screens for ultra pure chemical filtration

woven wire mesh

Mesh screen cartridges are made by using uniform thickness wires offering a homogenous structure and controlled pore size. Designed for the removal of sub-micron organic and inorganic particulate matter, the inherent structural stability of the membrane prevents any risk of media movement and avoids the release of particles.

For solvent and vigorous chemical filtration applications, mesh cartridges offer a large of chemical compatibility. Suitable for the most demanding microfiltration applications, the cartridges can be used for the filtration of aggressive chemical solutions including acids, alkali and solvents. Chemical resistant Hastelloy mesh screens are used for a wide range of liquid and gas filtration applications.

Common applications of these mesh cartridges include fine chemicals, solvents, photoresists, developers, pure water supply systems, sterile process gases etc.

Advantages and benefits:

Ensured microbial ratings, steam sterilization, solvents and aggressive chemicals, controlled production environment.

Hastelloy mesh screens are produced by using a high quality grades offering exceptional performance at low pressure differentials. These cartridges are suitable for sterile gas filtration and venting applications. These screens are specifically suitable for wet gas sterilizing applications.

For solvent and vigorous chemical filtration applications, these screens offer a wide range of chemical resistance with high thermal stability. Suitable for the demanding microfiltration applications, the cartridges are used for the filtration of aggressive chemical solutions including acids, alkalis and solvents.

When combined with quality mesh components and followed with high integrity manufacturing techniques, the filter cartridge is ideally used in the most demanding process conditions.

The mesh is constructed in a controlled condition by using advanced, highly specialized machinery. Quality and consistency of product is assured by the quality control and manufacturing procedures which are in place throughout all levels of production.

Mesh cartridges are fully tested during manufacture by the forward flow diffusion test method. The absolute rated cartridge filters are designed for retrofitting into existing housings. Featuring the latest developments in the mesh technology, screens are suitable for absolute removal of unnecessary particulates and for pre-filtration to membrane filters. The cartridges have a pre-filtration, combined with a high dirt capacity screen resulting in longer service, improved service costs and smaller process footprint. These screens are highly resistant to integrity failure caused by steam sterilization and have outstanding chemical compatibility properties. They are suitable for applications ranging from pharmaceuticals and bioprocessing. They have high filtration area and are suitable for steam and hot water sanitization. They are environmental friendly and are produced in a fully controlled manufacturing environment.

Fine mesh cartridges exploit the narrow pore size distribution and high void volume of the media to offer a range of screens suitable for meeting the requirements of various applications. Careful mesh selection ensures that cartridges are suitable to critical particle control. They are suitable for ultrapure stream flow.

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