Heavy duty woven wire screens for separation of tough materials

woven wire mesh

Woven wire mesh screens comprise a basic type of steel screens. The production programme includes woven wire screens with square and rectangular meshes, available in single and double crimp forms. Based on the application and service conditions, we also offer suitable material solutions based on a specific range of excellent quality materials in tailored specifications. We deliver woven wire screens in sheets and rolls to allow users to connect the screens in their sifters and other equipments.

Single crimp woven wire screens in square shape feature plain weave. They are made of round wires through their profiling and hence interlacing. Transverse and longitudinal wires are placed in contact with each other at crimp, hence producing the mesh. They are durable and particularly suitable for industrial processes including screening, classification, filtration and separation.

Applications of woven wire screens

  • Vibrating sifters
  • Calibrators
  • Centrifuges
  • Hardening of equipments
  • Support elements
  • Safety covers and grates

Multi-crimp woven wire mesh

They have square mesh as one of the type of screen made in plain weave. They are made of round wire with smaller wire diameter in context to the mesh size than in reference to single crimp woven wire screens. Screen stiffness is obtained by multiple crimping of wire. It ensures high durability as well as low weight. These screens are suitable for use construction elements, security elements and decorative metals.

Rectangular Mesh

Multi-crimp woven wire screens with rectangular mesh are made in similar way as square mesh. The key difference is based on the fact that length of mesh can be significantly greater than its width/ Rectangular shape of the mesh offers a higher active surface ratio that decreases the clogging potential while improving the performance of area of the screen. Based on the application, the screens are available with single or multiple interlacing.

When ordering woven wire screens with rectangular meshes and several interlacing, it is essential to state the count of wires in the interlacing.

Fine wire screens also known as technical meshes are produced by using round wires and comprise the finest type of steel. The feasibility of a suitable choice of parameters like mesh size, wire diameters and weave type make fine wire screens suitable for precision, separation and filtration applications. Fine wire Inconel mesh screens in any specification is offered to use in sifters and other equipments.

Simple weave- Its benefit is its simplicity and high weave precision. We ensure offering accurate mesh specification and sharp and accurate filtration of the screened material.

High quality wire screens

High quality wire screens are a suitable solution to categorize the difficult to screen materials. Our screens are made of wires with round cross-section.  The application of waves wires in the horizontal plane and the method of their joining. They belong to the category of self-cleaning screens. Self-vibrations of wires offer a suitable screening of material without plugging the mesh.

These screens allow the independent vibration of wires to create a self-cleaning effect. The mesh allow the screen to be used at high service temperature. Contact Heanjia for more information on heavy duty screening materials.

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