High strength Hastelloy Mesh screens for heat exchanger components

Industrial monel mesh filter

Heanjia produces mesh screens in various sizes for use in bag filters, cartridge filters or basket strainers. These screens allow a wide range of flow capacities and contaminant retaining potentials.  They can be installed for alternate use providing continuous operation, decreasing process cost. Flow is switched between the filters, allowing one screen to be services while other in use. Commonly the screens are made from stainless steel grades, they can also be made from super alloy materials for specific fluid filtration applications.

Unfiltered liquid enters the filter above the bag or basket and travels through it. Solids are held inside the basket where they are fully removed when the system is services. Fluid bypass around the basket is prevented as the filter bag seals radially against the housing inside the diameter. A gasket is used to secure the opening and covers can also be used and removed without the need of any tooling.

Basket strainers and bag filters are often used to prevent pressure drop further 2 psi when they are clean. Higher pressure drops can be handled during low contaminant loading. Bag change should be performed at 15 psid. The pressure drop data is right for all the housings with strainer or bag filter baskets. When a filer screen is added, the overall pressure drop becomes equal to the sum of the pressure drop.

The high capacity bag filters are economical and offer more contaminant holding capacity. These screens are made from stainless steel. The filter equipment comprises a clamp cover that is easy to remove, decreasing the time used on cleaning and bag replacement.

Economical mesh screens are designed for commercial, industrial and process applications. There are applications where screens made from aluminum can be used instead of stainless steels with superior results. It is particularly suitable in water and water based applications for example machine tool coolants and cooling towers. Additionally the screens for diesel, oils and fuels can also be used.

All screens are available with perforated or woven mesh lined cleanable strainer baskets in place of filter bag baskets. These baskets can be perforated with handle. Filter bag screens are designed in industry standard size and are used in polyester and nylon material filtration.

Screens for heat transfer fluid filtration

Heat transfer fluids are used for indirect heating of processes by flowing fluid between hot oil boilers, tanks and reactor vessels. The fluids undergo high temperatures of 300oF to 700oF and they can become highly contaminated from system construction, millscale and oxidation by-products causing the development of sludge. This contamination affects the performance of pump shafts, valve stem a and plugs of heat exchangers and flow passage. Heanjia supplies high strength Hastelloy mesh screens for heat exchanger components to ensure the expected performance of these components. Particle removal is offered by mesh cartridges and wire cloth screens. The filter screens are offered in diverse sizes and specifications and they can be quickly maintained.

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