How insect screens can protect your house from unwelcome visitors

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Heanjia has been manufacturing high quality, environment-friendly insect screens that are recognized as the leading name in insect production. We supply precision fit, made to measure screens for your doors and windows to prevent entrance of unwelcome guests. When it is about protection from bugs and insect, you receive the best.

Why should you choose premier quality insect screens?

People love bright, ventilated rooms because light and air are good for human. However you dont want to welcome unwanted visitors in your house. The best way to keep pests such as flies and mosquitoes away is using insect screen, made to your specific needs. It will provide you a good sleep with open windows, fresh air and reassurance of knowing that you have chosen the right material for your house or office.

Different screen options available at insect screen supplier can suit any condition from simple sintering to sliding screens and also light covers by using different types of mesh.

The designed insect screens are tested for protection. The screens are easy to use providing the excellent solution with an advanced design and new functionality. The harmonization of screen profiles for windows and doors has significantly decreased the number of varied items required.

Insect screen features

  • Sound quality for self installation
  • Suitable for windows and doors of all sizes
  • Easy to use
  • Robust, weather-proof screens made from high quality material.
  • High quality, fine mesh fly screen
  • Easily mounted and can be separated at any time
  • Can be tailored to individual door and window sizes
  • UV resistant to ensure long term functionality
  • Lightweight screen and permeable to air
  • Excellent protection from insects
  • User friendly

We offer the wide range of insect screens that save you the complexity of dealing with different providers hence saving your significant of time. We provide you with a range of screens that are designed to reflect your individual market requirements. We can provide with state-of-art insect protection screens at reasonable price.

The whole range of insect protection provides excellent quality solutions with a creative design and new performance. Features including internal, invisible corners enable the new profiles to be joined seamlessly and professional. Our pre-fabricated designs provide scope for a wide range of products. The screens can be flawlessly installed and fitted inside or outside the existing structures.

Tips to choose a suitable insect screen

  1. Aluminum and stainless steel made insect screens are by far the most reliable screens providing long service life.
  2. Choose high performance alloy screens, they wont readily oxidize and retain brightness. Stainless steel made insect screens are by far the most durable items available at economical price.
  3. The custom made insect screens can be easily installed against stops applied to framed openings. The panels can be removed and rescreened individually if you need to replace.
  4. Stainless steel made insect screens are easy to cut and do not need much maintenance. Simply rinsing with clean water is sufficient.