Mesh screens to keep insects and intruders at bay

mesh screens

Heanjia’s innovative window screen raises the standard in fresh air screens. With small threads, the strands of the screen block less of your vision so you can easily view out of the window. The small threads increase light transmittance, permitting natural light to fill the place. The fine mesh also decreases the appearance of the screen that improves the curb appeal of the house.

Enhanced functionality

Better air flow provides more comfort. The smaller holes provide added protection from small insects and particles. Excellent durability of window screen material  ensures they withstand in all climates and also are ideal in the coastal region. The window screens resist corrosion and wear and tear.


  • Smaller aperture of holes provide better particle protection
  • Mesh design enhances curb appeal
  • Greater opening
  • Higher airflow for better ventilation
  • Increased optical clarity for clear views

Modern screens by window screen factory are easy to remove, for older windows, we have screens that can be easily installed. For regular use and almost invisible storage of the insect screen in the window. The roller type that can be hidden at the side of the window when the screen is not in use. The screens can also easily fit in the doors.

Where there is not sufficient for any other type of insect screens, it is recommended to choose durable screens for windows and doors.

How to successfully prevent flying insects?

An excellent combination of a suitable interior and exterior screening technology, the screens can be easily configured and removed from the window frame. Individual types of mesh screens differ by the form and size of the profile.

Practical insect screens recommended for older types of windows or for fitting in construction holes. The screens can be easily installed in the window frame. Individual screens in the form, profile size and way of installation, the screen is configured in a solid frame.

Durable mesh screens are recommended for traditional and advanced windows and doors. They protect against all types of insects and prevent insects to entre in the rooms with terraces or balconies. The screens are designed for balcony doors and windows with large sizes.  They are suitable for areas, where kids and elder or disabled people move.

The window screens are made with a high tensile woven stainless steel mesh that can be custom-designed to match most window and door configurations. They are perfect security barrier however the mesh screen blocks mosquitoes, flies, monkeys, and other animals as well as human intruders. The mesh screens provide unobstructed view of the outside. It is an ideal solution for homes, businesses and areas with beautiful outlook that requires to be visible from inside the space while offering outstanding security level.

The manufacturing process of window screens includes the use of corrosion resistant materials that increase the lifespan of barrier, making them fit for coastal and inland zones. With suitable maintenance, the screens help keep corrosion and criminals at bay. The screens be fully customized.

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