Metal filtration solutions, advantages and applications

heating mesh

We are your specialized partner in the development and manufacture of porous metal filtration solutions. Filter media, elements and systems are offered for the industrial liquid processing applications. Get the advantages of sintered mesh metal .

Primary applications of sintered mesh metal

Chemical and petrochemical

  • Polishing of corrosive liquids
  • Pre-coat filtration
  • Catalyst recovery and slurry phase reactors
  • High temperature liquids
  • Cryogenic fluids
  • Solvents, ketones, esters, liquid hydrocarbons
  • Feed water and production water
  • Ethylene glycol
  • High efficiency solids recovery or liquid recycling

Food and beverage

  • Process steam filtration
  • Catalyst recovery from hydrogenation reactors
  • Polishing of syrups, liquors and other liquids
  • Catalyst removal from flavour ingredients and other food types
  • Activated carbon removal and decolorization

Pharmaceutical companies maximize their productivity by using sintered mesh systems in the decolorization and catalyst recovery.


Our filter systems are designed to handle high flow rates in continuous operations popular in refinery applications. Hot hydrocarbon streams like FCCU slurry oil usually need removal of catalysts and other particulate. Elimination of catalyst fines and other particulate not usually enhances the oil product, even also enhances the downstream operating equipment by avoiding fouling and reducing maintenance.


Resistance to high temperature and corrosion– Our mesh screens are made from elements that are resistant to high temperatures and corrosive media, hence are fit for use in the diverse applications.

Durable filter elements– Sintering of mesh screens at the molecular level offers high mechanical resistance in compression and stress.

Fully Enclosed- Backwashing filter elements significantly reduce operator’s exposure to the hazardous chemicals.

Easy cleaning: Mesh filters can be easily cleaned to remove particulate by backwash cleaning. Contaminants can be easily removed with water, steam, air, solvents, caustic or acid washing or without ultrasonic cleaning.

Nominal maintenance: Sintered mesh filters do not need maintenance procedures.

Control expenses on spare parts: Sintered mesh filter elements

Minimize Waste: Cleanable filter elements prevent the need of incineration or landfills that occurs with disposable filters.

Single stage filtration: Replace the whole series of process filtration with a single stage filter system.

Large selection of filter media: Porous metal filter elements with the largest selection of filter media are offered that consist of different grades of elements such as stainless steel series, Inconel, Incoloy, Monel and Hastelloy.

The screens are uniquely designed filter elements that are available as single or multiple layer structure. The metal mesh media is available with woven screen mesh sintered to single or both sides. Addition of wire mesh increases the strength, secures the fibers and allows cross-drainage between medium and mesh. In addition to standard composition, we develop special structures to meet your overall filtration needs. Our sintered fiber media can be used in liquid, gas and polymer filtration applications.