Monel Mesh Filter Screen to Fulfill The Task Of Filtration

heating mesh

Monel wire mesh includes all the advantages of the alloy 400 and finds a huge demand in various industries such as chemical plants, petroleum and refineries. It is primarily known for corrosion resistance in brackish or salt water, to gases, alkalis, and acids, and is a good conductor of heat and electricity. It is as known for its longevity, aperture stability, and the dimensional stability. The wire mesh made from Monel is widely used for industrial screening purposes and is a common name in the industrial sectors. Whether it is chemical, plastic, automobile, aviation, screening, test sieving, and other functions also make it a widely used material. The selection of the quality of material for processing occupies great importance from the perspective of screening and filtration. If you have specific filtration requirements, you have to use a certain material. You must have adequate knowledge about the material that is best suited for the particular application.

Finding the diameter of the wire

For the purpose of filtration, the diameter of the Monel wire mesh can be figured by measuring the wire which is loosened from the woven wire cloth and also with the measurement of the number of wires in the cloth when there is sufficient space available for the measuring instrument. When it comes to Monel mesh filter screen you can expect it to have the following properties.

  • Provides high level of precision in the work of filtration and screening
  • It has high resistance to corrosion and abrasion
  • The wire mesh has a stable weave structure
  • It is easy to fabricate
  • The surface area is clean and uniform

Makes sure the company from which you decide to buy the monel wire mesh procures the raw material from the best suppliers that undergo thorough inspection for the manufacturing the wire mesh products. Furthermore, the high quality of wires are developed in clean rooms with the help of the best tools and equipment.

The monel wire mesh is available in weave pattern, twill weave, and dutch weave. The 4500 grade of monel is highly effective and has the same strength as in mild steel. It is widely used for the strainer baskets and in the chemical processing equipment.

Choosing filter screen

For filtration and screening of seawater, the electrolytic or galvanic corrosion is going to be a major consideration, so it is necessary to exercise caution n while choosing the material of the filter screen. Furthermore, the physical strength of the wire cloth must be extremely high although it has to be lightweight as well.  It is often used as a screen and can be easily cleaned with the help of high-velocity water and the chemical cleaners and also resists abrasion. Apart from this, the high temperature strength of the cloth and the ability to filter under pressure make it one of the most popularly used material for filtration.


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