Perforations in metals

Almost 40 years of experience in perforation technology ensures that Heanjia Super-Metals is able to meet the stringent needs in the production of perforated metals to meet the custom specification requirements of the customers.

We are one of the world leading manufacturers specialized in all the areas of perforation techniques: punching, drilling, milling, micro-perforation etc. Our key strength lies in the further processing of perforated plates to produce machine components ready for installation.

Perforation and further processing for ready to install parts


With punching, drilling, milling, micro-perforations etc, we have a range of options in our stock to choose the adequate perforation technology for your application.

Tool manufacturing

We possess a broad selection of standard tools for perforations. With the help of our tool manufacturing facility; we are capable to produce the perfect tools for outstanding perforations and embossed finishes.

Surface treatment

The perforated metal sheet surfaces can be fine grounded, brushed, sand or glass bead blasted, electro-polished, resin-coated or chrome plated as per the customer requirement.

Component manufacturing

Cutting,rolling, leveling, rounding, edging, bending or turning and TIG and MAG welding. In the component production the perforated plates are further processed inline as per your requirements to produce half shells, cylindrical cones, funnels and several other options.

Installation ready perforated metal delivery

Heanjia SuperMetals stands apart among other manufacturers, not only for its broad range of perforation techniques,but also for its excellent expertise level in the further processing. We have well qualified personnel and advanced machinery standing by to manufacture machine components specifically to your requirements. The perforated sheets are ready for installation that enhance your process efficiency.


Broad press

The plates are perforated in the several manners. The fastest and most affordable way is perforation on a broad press. In this, the total width of the plate is worked in every stroke. In a quick stroke rhythm, one or many punch rows, one behind the other (almost 1000 punches together), perforate the plates that pass step by step through machine.

The stress faults are rare. To cover the large tooling cost, the broad press is implemented in those perforations that are in demand.

Sectional press

Instead the wide press, the sectional press needs less costly tools with fewer punches. In the sectional press, the plate is perforated in segments. The production process is hence slower. Although random perforation areas can be automated through the modern CNC apparatus. By decreasing the count of punches and implementing the utmost quality punch material, it is feasible to work plates that are about 20mm thick.

Automatic punching equipment

The production process of Perforated plates followed is sectional press. In this affordable manner of producing the maximum various perforations in the plates, the equipments are varied automatically and the contours are punched. The outer plate contours can also be finished depending on demand.

Perforated Sheet Drilling

Excellent stability with maximum free area

If the punhcing ratio is less than the critical ratio (minimum hole diameter=sheet thickness=narrowest possible web), the perforation cannot be done. The smallest size hole can be drilled very close together in the thick plates. It means that a big free area with high stability is feasible. Instead punching of perforated sheet, various hole shapes can be made by drilling. With screening processes specifically, the conical shape of the opening provides positive influence on the material throughput and prevents risk of blockage.

Heanjia Super-Metals has automatically controlled multi-spindle drilling systems to produce holes in the different widths from 0.3mm to 15mm diameter even in tough metals and alloys.  

Advantages of drilling:

1. Very closely spaced holes

2. Conical hole shapes are feasible

3. Smooth hole walls

4. Material surface has no hairline cracks and nominal distortion

5. No clogging


Slotted perforations for special screening processes

The same drilled sheets are produced however for slot milled plates, only slots that are impossible to be punched are milled. The slotted perforations are better than round holes in the various processes. It is also feasible to make much smaller hole widths by milling as compare to punching or drilling.The slot widths of 0.2mm and smaller are not rare. Burr-free, processed surfaces assure an error-free application experience.

Benefits of milling

1. Slit diameter from 0.1mm

2. A multitude of hole shapes

3. plane slot walls

4. Material surface has no hairline cracks and minor deformation

5. No blockage

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