Role of Decorative Mesh Perforated metal day to day applications


Perforated metals give the architect the privilege of selection to design their projects. Meanwhile perforated sheets have been in use for more than a century, every day, they are used in new applications to meet the changing demands of the present world. Perforated metal is used for a wider variety of applications such as construction projects in which it is used in acoustical walls, ceiling panels, hand rail infill panels, sun screens and several others. The selection of metal not simply enables the architect to select the type of material even also the choice of perforation patterns and percentage of open area need for specific projects. Perforations allow reduce the weight of material in addition to control the airflow, magnitude of visibility and sound levels.

There are number of standards made to aid designers, engineers and buyers of perforated sheets in choosing the suitable item for their application. Simply, Heanjia has adopted the general term used by industrialists.

Get your one stop service center for custom perforated sheets. We produce perforated screens to match your exact needs. Custom perforated metals with special margins, configurations and open area are made. We supply an extensive range of expanded and perforated metal products which are  widely used in architectural, commercial, industrial and resources projects across the world. Materials include aluminum, copper, Monel, Inconel and several others.

Versatile and functional decorative mesh panel perforated metals are extensively used in a wide range of applications, commonly as screens, filters, shields and guards, even also as structural and aesthetic elements in architectural and interior design applications. Perforated sheets can effectively control the flow of air and other fluids such as gases, liquids, light, solids, heat and electromagnetic energy and sound waves. With these features, perforated metals have supreme applications in different industries such as aerospace, agriculture, automotive, electronics, furniture, hospitality, manufacturing, marine, medical, electronics, food processing, mining, petrochemical, retail, security and utilities.

The design possibilities are endless with the boundaries imposed by material specification and component thickness. Several other hole patterns, pitches, thicknesses, margins, sheet sizes and material finishes are easily available. Architects and OEMs do not need to be limited by standard sizes and specifications, as we are here to serve you with tailored screens to enhance aesthetics and improve engineering designs. We supply screens to provide many special custom perforated metals to suit unique applications. The screens are made to provide unique and effective function for applications like car park facades, sun shades, sign boards and balustrades. Be it round, square, hexagonal or slot, we can design customized perforations to meet your exact demands. The standard mesh range covers perforated metal sheets of different sizes meanwhile on request, we will evaluate the feasibility of further material thickness. The use of advanced machines ensures optimal manufacturing processes.

For noise and sound control, façade cladding, in filter systems, cooling and heating equipments, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, machine elements, sieves, sun shades, ceiling, wall panels, public seats, perforated sheets find use in numerous applications due to their excellent material properties.

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