Sintered Mesh Showing A New Way In Filtration

Nickel wire mesh

Sintered mesh and metal filter is a metal plate that is porous in nature and made from several layers of stainless steel wire mesh that undergoes sintering process to be made into a single metal panel. Usually, the sintered mesh consists of five, six to about eight layers of mesh namely, filter mesh layer, reinforcement mesh layer, protect mesh layer, and others. Due to a wide range of filter rating and range and exceptionally high mechanical strength, the sintered mesh has shown a new way in the area of filtration whether it is used in the water treatment plants, food and beverage industry, removal of dust, polymer and the pharmaceutical industry. Several materials can be used for the process of sintering such as stainless steel as already mentioned, Monel, Hastelloy, Inconel or the other alloys that fit the requirements of filter process before delivering them to the customers. However, stainless steel is one of the most commonly used among all the other materials primarily due to its long service life and high chemical stability.

The following points reveal the characteristics of several kinds of mesh layers.

  • Protect mesh layer

It is the finest and best woven mesh made from stainless steel and the reinforcement mesh layer can be dutch woven, plain woven, or the sheet can be made from perforated metal.

  • Woven wire mesh consisting of sintered plain weave

This one comes sintered mesh with good level of permeability and also exhibits low résistance to flow. It can be also be designed with different types of combinations of square and plain weave square mesh layers to accomplish certain filtration capabilities and the characteristics of filtration. The filter rating range of the sintered mesh is about 1 to 200 um and the maximum sizes of the plates of about 1200X1500 mm.

  • Perforation in the sintered mesh and perforated metal

The sintered mesh that comes with perforation and includes perforated metal as reinforcement layer supports the structure of the sintered filter. Quite naturally, it has extremely high mechanical and compressive strength. The sintered filters made from the perforated metals are widely used in those oil wells where the particles of oil need to be filtered under the condition of extreme pressure.

  • Sintered wire mesh plates that is dutch woven

The sintered mesh that is dutch woven and the metal plates come with openings that are uniformly  spaced with a high permeability to flow and shows exceptionally high mechanical strength.

  • Sintered filter panels made from sintered metals

The sintered filter panels made from sintered metal that have been already discussed can be formed into varying types of filter elements such as filter cartridge, filter tube, filter discs, and filter laminates that are made by moulds through high temperature sintering process facilitating in the formation of different shapes of filters such as cone, cups, baskets, cap and filter plate. While the cartridges are used in the pharmaceutical industries for gas and liquid filtration, the discs available in oval, annulus, and round shape can work well in low temperatures for processes such as filtering and drying.

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