Sintered Wire Mesh- Strong, durable & highly resistant to heat

Nickel wire mesh

Key features of Sintered 5 layers wire mesh that makes it highly useful are

  • It has low differential pressure
  • Filter mesh not easy to deform due to two protective layers
  • Ideal for cutting, punching, bending, welding and stretching
  • Used for uniform filtration in high pressure or high viscosity environment
  • Anti-corrosion and heat resistance up to 480°C
  • It offers excellent cleanability and long term reuse due to typical surface filtration
  • It has high filtration accuracy based on wire mesh
  • It has high pressure resistance and excellent toughness
  • It has high corrosion resistance based on the characteristic of stainless steel or other alloys
  • It has high heat resistance based on the characteristic of stainless steel and range of use temperature in oxidative atmosphere is -269℃~600℃
  • It is easy to wash, especially back washing
  • It has high strength and durability
  • Tractability, suit to cut, wrap and punching
  • It has a large filtration area, from 1 Micron to 100 Micron for absolute filtration
  • It has steady filter rating due to two protective layers and sinter arts, the mesh of the filter layer is not easy to change
  • High mechanical strength and excellent resistance to pressure due to fourth and fifth layers reinforced

Applications of Sintered 5 layers Wire Mesh are

  • Hot gas filtration such as steam
  • Toxic gas filtration such as carbon monoxide and ammonia gas
  • Duffuser for pneumatic transportation
  • Gas filtration such as nitrogen, air and oxygen
  • Flammable gas filtration such as carbon monoxide and ammonia gas
  • Polymer filtration
  • Analytical devices
  • Oil filtration
  • Gas-Liquid Separation
  • Cross Flow Filtration
  • Medical devices
  • Aerosol application
  • O. Pre-filtration
  • Fuel & Hydraulic Oil filtration

Sintered multilayer wire mesh bags are designed for high temperature application of industries. It is used for high temperature up to 480°C and has a standard combination of 5 layers sintered wire mesh made from stainless steel that is brought together through vacuum sinter, compression and rolling and made into a kind of porous material. Sintered Wire Mesh filters are used for purification and filtration of liquid & gas, transpiration cooling under extremity high temperature, enhancement of heat & mass transfer, current limitation, separation & recovery of solid particles, control air flow distribution, noise reduction. Sintered Wire Mesh is used in petrochemical industry, environmental protection industry, aerospace, pharmaceutical industry and many more.

Sintered Wire Mesh panels are uniformly distributed to create a 3D filtering structure in order to make the cartridges. The filter media is joined using an additional sintering process with one or two wire meshes in order to provide an excellent mechanical strength and a better drainability. Sintered Wire Mesh is made of various materials. Sintered Wire Mesh made of Nickel is excellent for applications that need corrosion resistance except in sulfuric environments. Nickel is commonly used in petrochemical and heat treat applications.