Stringent quality Monel mesh filter baskets for different processes

Industrial monel mesh filter

Heanjia has been an industry leader in supplying mesh screens for simplex basket strainer for more than three decades. Woven wire mesh is ideal for the challenging industrial and commercial applications in which the line can be temporarily shut down for strainer basket cleaning or replacement.

The popularity of Monel mesh for basket strainer is due to large screening capacity offered. The large straining area with a perforated basket is around six times the cross-sectional area of pipe. You do not need any tools to disassemble the basket. Easy opening, swinging yoke can be diassembled and the basket removed in seconds. On size 4 inches and larger, a special cover clamp is provided to distribute the seating pressure and to ensure positive seating of the cover.

Another feature is a threaded drain on each size strainer. Sizes 2 inch and larger are equipped with legs that bolt to the floor for rock solid installation. Wall thickness is very heavy. The basket seats are precision machined to provide a tight seal and prevent material from bypassing the basket. The strainer is a top quality, heavy duty unit to stand up to the most challenging applications.

Screens for aerospace and military

Heanjia designs and manufactures specialist screens to meet the tough requirements of the aerospace and military industry, to control contamination and monitor conditions in hydraulic, fuel, lubrication, coolant and air systems.

Our filters protect vital sub-systems in aircraft, helicopters, military vehicles, missiles and spacecraft like flight controls, fuel management and inerting systems, thrust reversers, coolant systems, braking and steering, power production and air intakes.

Food and beverages

In range of filters are configured to suitably remove particulates, yeast, mould spores and bacteria for use in applications like wineries, breweries, cider, soft drinks, food and dairy, culinary steam sterilization and sanitization, powder handling, sparging and dairy. Our product cover is liquid, sterile air, compressed air and culinary steam filtration.

The products are produced under strict quality process controls and are fully validated and technically supported by our professional scientists and lab services.


We are active in a count of areas concerning the production and safeguarding of energy production. We are leading advancements in gasification technologies to allow the production of synthetic natural gas as part of alternative clean energy.


Heanjia offers a range of high purity gas filtration products to the semiconductor market, as well as to OEM suppliers in the microelectronics industry. Applications for this product range include gas production management, exhaust venting systems, flow control, mass flow, needle valve replacement, laminar flow diffusing, pressure snubbing and flame arresting.


We have over 30 years of experience in supplying high quality filtration solutions to the nuclear sector. Working with fuel cycle, we deliver solutions to the power production, fuel generation, reprocessing, decontamination, decommissioning and waste packaging sectors.


The production of high performance cost effective products is underpinned by our assured products. We follow clean practices and maintain spotless environment to ensure that our products meet the toughest industrial standards.

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