Stunning architectural mesh screens to highlight your building

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Architectural mesh is a single sheet screen that is perforated or expanded into a matrix of uniform shaped openings. Through this a distinctive pattern is obtained which decorative as well as strong. The screen is tough and durable with high strength to weight ratio. The architectural screens are standard meshes for regular applications meanwhile they can be customized or smaller mesh screens for heavy duty applications.

Common applications include walkways, ramps, stairtreads, platforms, vehicle ramps and floorings. On the farm, the screen can be used for stock crates, sheep races and woolshed floorings. The flattened sheets are used for piggeries for farrowing and weaner applications in addition to using standard screens for fully grown animals. The attractive and functional mesh is used for security and architectural applications, sunscreens and dividers.

The uniform shaped architectural mesh expanded metal can be supplied raised or flattened. Raised screens come off the cutting and expanding machine. It features strands at an angle to the sheet plane enhancing strength and rigidity. Flattened screens are raised mesh.

There are also perforated sheets for use as sunscreens, balustrades, security mesh, shopfitting, display, furniture, ceiling, filtration, silencers, heating , ventilating, air-conditioning grills, electrical equipments, food processing, agriculture and seed cleaning mesh. A large range of perforated screens are made in-house which can be tailored to your specification.

Perforated sheets are punched to create a pattern of holes, slots or decorative shapes. These are commonly made from stainless steel, Monel, aluminum and other materials. The perforated sheet is also used to support fine wire mesh to withstand against the flow pressure.

To serve your needs, a range of varied materials is used to produce standard and special design perforated sheets. An ideal pattern depends on the required application and criteria of your project in addition to factors like strength, distribution of holes, bars and more. Contact our engineers to choose a right pattern to accompany your selected material.

Architectural screens are used as walls to serve different purposes, whether as decorative screen in front of a curtainwall system, more ventilation or a basic screen for light diffusion. Heanjia offer several different mesh configurations and design options to select from. We have standard system designs using aluminum for added strength and durability. Additionally there are endless options where perforated or expanded panels are used in the design to create a fantastic look.

The architectural mesh screens feature woven wire, perforated metal and expanded metal. It serves as a visual barrier or an aesthetic architectural element for any screen wall application. Standard screen shapes include square, diagonal, rectangular oblong, broad and multi wrap apertures. They can be featured in a variety of materials to serve as a highlight for your building. You can choose among a wide variety of mesh options.

Perforated architectural mesh screen serves as a visual barrier or an aesthetic architectural element for your wall configuration. You can find options such as round holes, square holes, slot holes with customized patterns. The beautiful mesh patterns will highlight your building.

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