Woven Inconel mesh screens for process gas filtration at high temperatures

nickel wire mesh

Mesh screens are innovative solutions for various gas filtration issues based on their unique advantages such as:

High permeate flux, low pressure drop, outstanding mechanical strength, easy to clean, high corrosion resistance, prolong on-stream life, high temperature resistance and flexible design. Heanjia mesh has an extensive record in challenging applications demanding high porosity, high efficiency and prolong lifetime which needs to be combined with outstanding cleaning ability and resistance to high temperature based corrosion.

High porosity and small thickness allows easy cleaning of the filter. Mesh screen provides low pressure drop over the filter and prevents clogging through surface filtration. The standard alloy used is Stainless steel, Inconel  and Nichrome for high temperature and corrosive conditions.

Mesh screens for process gas filtration

Process gas filtration is a great challenge. Besides to very high temperatures, in various applications, caustic elements, there is usually the demand for keeping high flow rates and decreasing pressure drop. Inconel mesh screens for process gas filtration is an ideal solution.

Filter elements made of Inconel mesh are highly stable and offer prolong performance without need for replacement. Cartridges are usually secured from cracks caused by severe vibration in chemical filtration systems. Additionally, metal mesh elements are easy to clean and can be used in applications where cleaning in place is needed as there is no trespassing of dust when the filter element is cleaned by backpulsing.

High strength metal mesh screen

Woven wire mesh screens are solid and rigid and are hence, secured from any wear due to movement or friction. They also prevent damage due to abrasion of penetrating particles. Metal mesh screens made of stainless steel 316L can be used in conditions up to 350oC or 650oF and for high temperatures, Inconel 601 can be used. Through wide study, mesh elements have also been developed to prevent corrosion at high temperatures up to 1000oC by using FeCrAl alloy.

High flow and excellent performance

Mesh screens offer filtration ratings even as low as 1micro-m, while smaller particles can be filtered with high efficiency due to cake development. Mesh screens provide high efficiency particle capture with nominal pressure drop and highest flow rates.

Advantages of these high strength mesh screens include:

  • Heat and corrosion resistance
  • Outstanding cleaning through backpulsing
  • High porosity
  • Low initial pressure drop
  • Solid structure for high filtration speeds
  • Large filtration ranges available
  • Lightweight mesh
  • Durable filtration screens

During process gas ultrafiltration, gas stream is heavily contaminated with solid particles which need to be removed by filter. Heanjia offers reliable quality porous mesh screens which are ideally suitable for this type of service due to its uniform permeability, precise bubble-point control and mechanical integrity.

Gas filtration mechanisms

The particle handling mechanisms are identical to those of trap filter. The differential pressure increases when solids are held on the surface of mesh producing a filter cake. This stable surface cake becomes the real filter media. Blowback occurs at a terminal differential pressure which is suitable of a particular application.

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