FeCrAl Mesh

Key Features:

  1. Outstanding heat and carburization resistance
  2. Low temperature coefficient of electric resistivity
  3. Mesh Size: 0.2mesh/inch to 300mesh/inch
  4. Wire Dia: 0.07mm to 8.0mm
Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

FeCrAl Mesh is made of iron-chromium-aluminum alloys such as 0Cr25Al5, 0Cr23Al5, Kanthal D, Kanthal A-1, etc. It is an electrically thermal resistant product available in the regular styles. It offers excellent heat resistance and prevents oxidation and corrosion in the variable high temperature and large pressure conditions. FeCrAl Mesh is commonly utilized for heating and drying operations.

FeCrAl Mesh Highest Working Temperature:

Alloy Temperature
Cr21Al4 1100oC
Cr21Al6 1250oC
Cr23Al5 1250oC
Cr25Al5 1250oC
Kanthal D 1200oC
Kanthal A-1 1350oC

Properties of FeCrAl Mesh:

  1. Excellent heat resistance
  2. Prevents oxidation and sulfur based corrosion
  3. Anti-carburization
  4. Large surface load bearing
  5. High strength and durable
  6. Low temperature coefficient of resistance

Applications of FeCrAl Heating Mesh:

FeCrAl Mesh is primarily utilized as drying and heating devices in metallurgy, colliery, dying, food storage, hospital, high density factory, industrial electric furnace, household appliances, gas burners and infrared equipments and heaters.

For your diverse application requirements, our heating mesh in various sizes provide excellent performance to become your preferred product. Contact us to discover how we have become the pioneer industrial mesh vendor since 1984.