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Rotary Nickel Screen

Key Features:

  • Uniform printing effect looks beautiful
  • Prolong service of printing rotary screen mesh
  • Durable and high tensile strength
Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

Our Nickel Rotary screens are better than traditional screen in each aspect. They are made by using the very high quality Nickel metal. The frame pattern of the screen is well organized providing hard and tensile screen. Symmetrical design. The great toughness and tensile properties make it to endure longer. Ultimately our screen can provide long term service with the finest quality performance.

With our in-depth knowledge and experience in serving the diverse range of standard nickel screen needs, we offer sizes available in the standard to custom range. Fortunately the specially developed surface texture in Nickel mesh screens offers the best printing results.

The finest relationship is made between the apertures and web separating; Rotary screens have what it takes to produce flawless results with the entire kinds of dyes and textiles.

Rotary Nickel Screen Properties

  1. Good toughness
  2. High elasticity
  3. Suitable thickness
  4. Uniform open area & light transmission
  5. Prevents the printing color variation to provide outstanding printing quality.
  6. Orderliness and precise screen caves, suitable dye result and osmotic function
  7. Finest symmetry, good conglutination performance of photosensitive medicament

The rotary nickel screens are made in the highest quality and at the very competitive price. Large open area, good hardness and elasticity, usable for five to seven times frequently before need cleaning, saves dyestuff and offers high temperature performance. These are fit for traditional and new range of rotary printing machines.

We use nickel in the maximum purity level with least sulfur content, matching with high quality pure stabilizers. The screens offer unbiased outstanding functionality. They have uniform ink penetration and photo emulsion and sensitizer adhesion is strongly bonded.

Rotary Nickel Screen Applications

Print cotton, sill, polyester, wall paper and more.

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