Sintered Dutch Woven Mesh for solid filtration customize opening

Sintered Dutch Woven Mesh

Key Features:

1. Excellent strength and high flow rates

2. Suitable backwash strength

3. Outstanding chemical resistance


Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

Sintered Dutch Woven Mesh consists of double to triple layers of plain Dutch woven mesh strengthening layers fused by vacuum sintering, pressurizing and rolling. Such mesh design offers uniformly spaced openings and consistent air permeability to flow. Great mechanical strength. This kind of sintered plate is widely utilized in powder shipping, lab fluid bed, driers, coolers and other dry solid materials.

Sintered Dutch Woven Mesh offers the finest filtration as well as firm mesh structure with great resistance to physical loading. The smooth surface is also advantageous for cleaning process while backwashing.

Sintered Dutch Woven Mesh Benefits

  1. Defined smallest aperture size and uniform opening
  2. Highly robust, resistance to mechanical and thermal stress
  3. Prolong service
  4. High flow rates, customizable flow resistance
  5. Optimal backwash potential, great reliability corresponding backwash pressure
  6. Minimum loading of the filter medium in pulsation
  7. Regular product quality, assured corrosion resistance by using special alloys and stainless steel grades
  8. An endless set of combinations using around 1000 layers as feasible.

Heanjia Super-Metals delivers the outstanding quality Dutch weave wire mesh to our valuable customers. The layers of mesh are mutually sintered to produce a uniform and fine filtering structure, not just to overcome the small strength of general metal wire, poor firmness, mesh switch unstable inadequate, even also to provide the desired material’s pore size, permeability and strength features for a suitable match in order to offer a fine and precision filtration, filtered impedance, mechanical strength, heat and abrasion resistance, workability and good apparent functionality.

We offer ou customers this Sintered mesh at the competitive industrial prices.

For challenging applications in filtration, sintered steel meshes are getting greater interest of industrialists than general filter products.

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