monel sintered mesh fitler and screen

Monel Sintered Mesh

Key Features:

1. Outstanding corrosion resistance in acids, alkaline and salt water

2. Great mechanical strength

3. High permeability to air supply

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Product Description:

Monel sintered mesh is made of high corrosion resistant monel grades. Monel is a leading industrial nickel based alloy with higher strength than unalloyed nickel. It sustains great ductility and resists corrosion in a broader range of media such as sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, alkalines, brines and salt water. Monel nickel-copper alloy is known for maintaining good mechanical properties at subzero temperatures. Good weldability with superior tensile and yield strength. Excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking. Small strength in annealed conditions therefore it is heat treated to increase the strength.

Monel sintered mesh has applications in a wide range of temperature and application media. It has high tensile strength and is easily weldable.

Monel Sintered Mesh is made from various weaves, from plain square mesh to Dutch twill weaves. It offers the most refined and absolute rating.

Properties of Monel Sintered Mesh:

  1. Plain Square weave for general sieving operations, using diverse weaving styles such as Reverse Plain Dutch Weave, Twill Dutch Weave, Reverse Twill Dutch Weave etc to offer the best and ample selection of surface filtration.
  2. High permeability
  3. Good tensile strength
  4. Produced in single wrap designs in complex multi layered structured in pleated constructions to optimize the area available.
  5. Diffusion bonded mesh offers increased functional security of the pore shape and specification.
  6. Made in the widest range of pore sizes of diverse filter media
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