Nickel Sintered Mesh for heavy duty filter

Nickel Sintered Mesh

Key Features:

1. High strength

2. Excellent heat and corrosion resistance

3. Firm structure and good permeability

Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

Nickel Sintered Mesh is fundamentally a metal woven mesh produced by pressing and elevated temperature diffusion sintering procedures. It offers high strength, firm structure, good and uniform permeability and high thermal and corrosion resistance properties. Due to this, Nickel sintered metal porous products have been extensively utilized in the several industrial fields including petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, electrical and electric, environmental, pharmaceutical industry, aeronautical and space industries.


Nickel Sintered Mesh Properties:

  1. Produced by combining multi-layer mesh, rolling and elevated temperature sintering
  2. High permeability with good pore structure and uniform distribution
  3. Great mechanical strength
  4. Excellent thermal and corrosion resistance
  5. Easy processing
  6. Good regeneration ability with simple and smooth opening
  7. Backflushable filter cartridges in solid-liquid and warm gas filtration


Nickel Sintered Mesh Applications:

Hydraulic oils filtration Polymer industry
Storage silos Food Processing
Driers & Coolers Chemical  products filtration
Fluidization of bulk materials in gravity conveyors Pharmaceuticals and cosmetic
Fuel processing Wagons, conveyors


Why Us for Nickel sintered Mesh?

Heanjia-Nickel sintered cloth consists of mesh layers that are strongly bonded by diffusion annealing. Following our customer’s requirements in regards to stability and filtration, single and multiple mesh layers are blended with perforated sheets or fiber felt. In addition of guaranteed high mechanical stability, diffusion annealing sustains the filtration properties of a cloth. The versatile production processes enable us to produce and fabricate Nickel sintered meshes following individual customer’s specification and application requirements.

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