sintered fiber felt for hot gas filter

FeCrAl Sintered Fiber Felt

Key Features:

1. High temperature and large stress tolerability

2. Outstanding oxidation and corrosion resistance

3. Strong and durable mesh structure

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Product Description:

FeCrAl Sintered fiber felt made from FeCrAl alloy grades containing significant aluminum content, provides high scaling temperature up to 1425oC or 2600oF. With great heat resistance, they are better than  traditional materials for providing excellent properties such as oxidation resistance, sulfidation resistance, high thermal load and longer service.

FeCrAl alloys offer high temperature creeping strength and oxidation resistance. They withstand high pressure loads and are resistant to wear and tear whilst other alloys cannot perform in such extreme conditions and usually wear. Good form stability. Great ageing resistance and no scaling.

In the alternating temperature conditions, FeCrAl alloys offer enhanced adherence of the security oxide layer to provide prolong life.The excellent blend of outstanding oxidation resistance and form stability provides longer than expected service.


FeCrAl Sintered Fiber Felt Uses

  • Sand control screens in oil and gas wells
  • Nutsche filters
  • Fluidized bed
  • Dust removal from high temperature gas
  • Metallurgical processes
  • Electric power and automobile exhaust gas filtration


FeCrAl Sintered Fiber Felt Production

FeCrAl sintered fiber felt is made by sintering the FeCrAl woven mesh by bonding the contact junctions of all wires to produce a mesh where wires are perfectly fused in position. It is performed by a combined process of heating and pressurizing to receive sintered wire mesh.


At Heanjia Super-Metals we also produce multiple layers sintered wire mesh to provide fiber felt with greater mechanical strength and higher maintenance of filter rating under pressure, allowing easier cleaning and offering greater structural reliability. It also retains the mechanical strength of its coarse support layers.

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