Multi layers sintered wire mesh by Heanjia Super-Metals

Multi Layers Sintered Wire Mesh

Key Features:

1. Excellent air permeability

2. Very fine pore size

3. Ideal for filtration, sieving and sparging

Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

Multiple layers of woven wire mesh are laminated together by a specialized molecular diffusion bonding procedure. The same physical procedure utilized to fuse individual wires within a wire mesh layer may also be implemented to fuse adjacent layers of mesh together. It produces a strong and smooth sintered wire mesh that is made in an endless class of materials with a vast range of mechanical characteristics. Wire mesh laminate may range from a dual layer laminate of fine filter meshes with a complete thickness of 0.006 inch to heavy plate or brick like structures including several dozens or even several hundred layers of different meshes with net thickness of 2 inch or above.

By intermixing several layers of various mesh weaves, it is feasible to design materials with specific target thickness, permeability, pore size and mechanical strength.  The fine pore size may be needed for filtration, sifting, separation, sparging and other purposes.

Plain Dutch weave wire meshes are laminated together and calendered to create panels of material obtaining a specific pre-determined permeability to air supply at a given pressure drop.

Applications of Multiple Layers Sintered Mesh

Fluidized materials handling, Fluidized beds, Pressure scrubbers, Flow control equipments, Transpiration cooled fuel injector plates and acoustic attenuation.

Sintering involves an enhanced woven wire mesh depending upon a molecular diffusion bonding. It laminates the multiple layers of mesh and produces a diverse and highly useful class of permeable material that is named as Multilayer Sintered Mesh offering applications in the various sectors.

We provide standard types of sintered filter mesh to our customers that determines the filtration of highly viscous fluids with agitated or non-agitated Nutsch filters and dryers, pressure filtration and centrifuges.

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