Sintered Mesh Filter Element manufacturer

Sintered Mesh Filter Element

Key Features:

1. Extreme durability

2. Outstanding stress tolerablity

3. Great corrosion resistance

4. Available in wide range of specifications

Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

Sintered mesh filter elements introduce a broad range of cleanable filters for use in the diverse industrial applications. Our filters easily fit in many commercial housings or we can design and produce filters to meet your custom applications.

Multilayer sintered mesh pleated offers highly efficient filtration. The fiber metal felt provides depth filtration with great support and firmness provided by a mesh. The finest filtration improves dirt holding and permeability. These elements can be easily cleaned and are back flushable.

The multilayer sintered mesh media is produced and welded into a cylinder offering firm surface filtration and undergo many cleaning cycles.

Sintered Mesh Filter Element Properties

  1. High strength, no supporting structure is needed and no material falls off
  2. Excellent corrosion resistance, quick cleaning and outstanding durability

Sintered Mesh Filter Element Applications

Filtration of polyester, oil products, pharmaceutical, food beverages, chemical and fiber processing, water treatment and gas filtration.

The mesh sizes are also customizable upon request.

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