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Sintered Felt Filter Element

Key Features:

1.Better permeable and durable performance than ordinary wire mesh

2. Greater heat and pressure resistance than paper filter cloth

3. High porosity and 3D net shape

4. Regular pore size.

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Product Description:

The stainless steel or special alloys sintered fiber felt is a new kind of material for deep filtration at the high temperature. The pleated filter cartridge is advantageous for the high porosity having large filter area, fine particle holding and excellent regeneration.

Fiber felt is made of the thinnest fibers non-woven paving processed and sintered in the elevated temperature vacuum oven. Higher filter precision and good particle holding capacity than other filters.  It is a perfectly fit material for obtaining great precision and corrosion resistance filtration performance.

Sintered felt is constructed by cutting and precision welding of the sintered filter. The most essential factor of Sintered felt filter element is that a vast count of high precision welding is utilized. To ensure roundness and flatness, fiber felt is sintered after rolling seam welding procedure and correction weld method. It offers a beautiful look.

The sintered felt has various aperture hole gradients that are controllable to receive great filtering accuracy and high dust retaining potential. Due to 3D mesh, porous structure, hole size and its distribution and other properties, sintered felt can consistently sustain the material’s filtering effect.

The above structures and properties make sintered felt to become suitable compensatory for clogging and wearing factors. The sintered felt filter processing technology is different from the traditional filters. It is helpful in the next step to create the welded filter. The Sintered Mesh of filter is welded on the end caps at the both ends, the welding procedure cannot burn sintered mesh. To avoid local burn the welding procedure must include use of argon.

Sintered Felt Filter Element Properties

  1. Large particle retaining capacity, great filtration precision, pressure increases slightly and prolong performance
  2. Great porosity and high permeability, small pressure loss and great flow.
  3. High corrosion resistance, temperature resistant and resistance to acids, alkali, organic solvents and drugs at 480oC for prolong use.
  4. Quick processing, forming and welding
  5. Made as per user’s needs of specifically improved, thickened type, intensive network and different specifications.
  6. Strengthened felt, thickening felt and mesh laminated and other kinds of felts are made upon order.

Sintered Felt Filter Element Applications

Filtration of polymers, petrochemicals, petroleum refining, electronic, hot temperature gas dust removal, oil refining, viscous filtration, ultra-filtration filters, membrane support, catalyst carrier, automotive airbag, ships, aircraft fuel filter and hydraulic system filter.

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