Sintered Fiber Felt for high temperature filtration

Sintered Fiber Felt

Key Features:

1. Resistance to high temperature and aggressive corrosive conditions

2. Withstand large pressure

3. Easily cleanable

4. Very economical


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Product Description:

Sintered Fiber Felt is produced from non-woven fiber media which are compressed together and sintered at the elevated temperature to produce metallic fiber felt media. The thin filaments of non-woven felt media are utilized to produce cartridges. The porous metal felt filter elements are ideal for large pressure, extremely corrosive and highly viscous media or radioactive applications. They attribute very high porosity, large flow rates and extended service life.

Properties of Sintered fiber felt

  1. Constructed of special alloys or stainless steel fiber felt media
  2. Easily remove trapped particulates by dusting or blowing air
  3. Completely welded construction
  4. Strengthening with internal and external core
  5. Ideal for trapping powders and fine particulate matter
  6. Introduced in porosities varying from 40 microns to 1 microns
  7. Construction can be performed as per needed specification
  8. Large flow rates about 20 times greater than other media
  9. Prolong on-stream service
  10. Downscaling is feasible
  11. Great Porosity

Minimum Pressure Drop: Great porosity of metal fiber media offers a least pressure drop, even at the large filtration velocities.

Quick Cleaning: Open structure of porous metal media enables to clean in site by back pulsing or backwashing.

High Strength: The sintering process produces a strong fiber bonds and guarantees a large strength filter medium. Grouped with a suitable inner core, our filter elements can withstand thermal shock, high pressures and quick backpulsing.

Heat and corrosion resistance: Our filter media is used in the elevated temperature and corrosive applications where other textile, ceramic or polymer products fail.

Surface or depth filtration: The filter media offers high efficiency by cake production and also provides high dirt holding capacity for depth filtration.

Sintered Fiber Felt Applications

  1. Filtration of powders and trapping particulates from vacuum and compressed air lines.
  2. Filtration of gels from molten monometers at the elevated temperatures.
  3. Filtration of polymers such as polyaramides, polyesters, polypropylene, polyamide, Nylon
  4. Spinning polymers
  5. Automotive – air filters, lubricant filters, air bag inflators, Recovery of chemicals and catalysts- Filtration of liquids at high temperatures, Cryogenic fluids, Solvents, ketones, liquid hydrocarbons, Feed water and production water, Ethylene glycol, High efficiency solids reclamation or liquid recycling
  6. Aerospace engineering
  7. Hot gas filtration
  8. Medical and pharmaceutical
  9. Hydraulic and fuels
  10. Nuclear venting
  11. Foods & beverages- Process steam filtration, Catalyst reclamation from hydrogenation reactor, Polishing syrups, wines and other fluids, Catalyst eradication from flavour ingredients and other food specialty, Activated carbon extraction and color removal
  12. HEPA and ULPA filtration

Sintered fiber felt is used in the high pressure filter assemblies in the composite applications.  It usually offers clear benefits over wire mesh, sintered metal or non-metallic fibers. Its elevated temperature, large pressure and corrosion resistance properties paired with almost unending cleanability, keep it very cost-effective for aggressive conditions.

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