Copper Mesh for magnetic shielding

Copper Mesh for Magnetic Shield

Key Features:

1. Good air permeability

2. Outstanding electromagnetic rays shielding performance

3. Proven material for Faraday Cage construction

Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

Copper mesh is a plain square woven mesh that is used in electromagnetic and radio waves interference shielding. It secures from any type of wave frequency  from small to high range up to GHz such as in microwaves, cellular phones, aviation radar and military broadcast.

Copper Mesh Properties

1.      Shielding from RF and LF electric fields

2.     Good radiowave and microwave shielding

3.     Frequency range from 0.1MHz to 18 GHz

4.      Damping – 70dB

5.      High air permeability and good electric conductivity

6.      Transparent and lightweight

7.      Antiseptic in nature

8.      Easy cutting and sewing

9.     Decreases electromagnetic interference

10.    Easily washable

11.   Non- skidding surface

Copper Mesh as a Faraday Cage

Faraday cage or shield is produced using a conducting copper mesh that prevents the external static electric fields. It also shields the interior of a device from external electromagnetic radiation if the conductor is thick and holes are much smaller than the radiation’s wavelength.

Copper wire provides outstanding thermal and electrical conductivity with high air supply that make it suitable for constructing Faraday cage or use in all types of RFI screening. It is also easily bendable and formable into the desired shapes.

Copper Mesh for shielding Applications

It is also used in insect screen and filter elements in the various industries, decorating house facades specifically for walls and ceilings as firm and consistent reinforcement material.

The faraday cages made from Copper mesh help in reducing the effect of external interferences caused by electrostatic fields and high frequency electromagnetic radiations for example, AM/FM radiations, CRT oscilloscopes and fluorescent strip lights.

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