Magnetic shielding mesh for preventing EMI interference by Heanjia

Magnetic Shielding Mesh

Key Features:

1. Prevent EMI and RFI interference

2. Easy to shape for the specific equipment applications

3. Mesh Size: 0.2mesh/inch to 300mesh/inch

4. Wire Dia: from 0.03mm to 8.0mm



Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

Magnetic Shielding Mesh is made from highly functional materials such as Mu-metal, soft magnetic metals, stainless steel etc. The soft magnetic alloy mesh provides outstanding performance in magnetic shielding applications. It can be easily shaped, bent and seized into required size.

The plain weave square mesh made from soft magnetic alloys is used in the EMI (electromagnetic induction) shielding. It can be utilized in electrophysiology and other sensitive application circuits to reduce the effect of electric interference and high frequency electromagnetic interference.

Properties of Magnetic shielding Mesh

  • Shields the device from EMI and electrostatic fields
  • Secures sensitive circuits and electronic devices
  • Good material reliability to avoid magnetic leakage
  • Highly magnetic permeable material with small hysteresis loss
  • High inflection point
  • Easy to cut and mold
  • Good shielding from microwaves and radiowaves
  • Consistent performance quality
  • Anti-static surface

We usually receive enquiries about the suitable material for magnetic shielding that is beneficial in:

  1. Saving from direct skin touch
  2. Excellent conductivity and suitable for grounding
  3. Fine shielding of radiowaves
  4. Constructed with the special materials
  5. Economical

Obtaining all of these features in one material was not an easy job, until now. Heanjia Super-Metals uses lightweight and conductive materials for the production of magnetic shielding mesh. It can be utilized as appliance covers, clothing drapes, room partitions or others. The mesh can perform at the various temperature limits from -30oC to 90oC and above. Soft and cozy touch. The magnetic shielding mesh made from copper, stainless steel or permalloy can be used for shielding any stable or alternating magnetic field. The mesh sheets are available in the diverse sizes allowing their use in covering small to large size equipments or surfaces such as mobile phone, EMC chamber and control center.

Commonly Used materials for Magnetic Shielding Mesh

Stainless steel, Mu metal, Permalloy and other soft magnetic alloys


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