Expanded Metal for EMI RFI and ESD Shielding

Expanded Metal for EMI/RFI and ESD Shielding

Key Features:

Effective shield against EMI/RFI and ESD

Can wrap and conform to nearly any shape

Wide range of metals available-Iron, copper, Mumetal, Permalloy, etc.

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Product Description:

Heanjia Super Metals produce expanded metal for EMI/RFI and ESD shielding applications.

The Expanded metal made by Heanjia is an effective shield against EMI/RFI and ESD, it is produced from solid sheets of metal foil. The product shape, pattern, and open area are precisely engineered to match the needs of your particular application. Our expanded metal wraps and conforms to nearly any shape. It can be laminated, coated, and plated.

The typical materials used for EMI/RFI and ESD Shielding are pure iron, copper, Mumetal, permalloy, and other soft magnetic alloys. We can expand various of metals and alloys according to your requirement.

Typical Shielding Applications:

  • Telecommunications systems
  • Computers
  • Medical electronics
  • Gaskets
  • Aerospace and avionics applications
    – Lightning strike protection in composite aircraft skin
    – Spot shielding of selected locations within aircraft
  • Industrial Controls


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