silver mesh for magnetic shield by Heanjia Super-Metals

Silver Mesh for Magnetic shield (silver and nylon)

Key Features:

1. Excellent rotting resistance

2.Ideal for use in industrial or army operations

3. Performance at the high temperatures

Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

Silver Mesh for Magnetic shield is produced by using silver and nylon. It is perfectly fit for EMI and EMC screening allowing complete air supply with necessary protection from radio waves.

Silver Mesh for Magnetic Shield Applications

  1. Shielding displays and windows
  2. Protecting touch screen gadgets
  3. Shielding desktops
  4. Preventing waves interference in LCD screens
  5. Tempset shielding

 Why magnetic shielding is required?

Shielding is a well known phenomenon that has become the need of demanding electronics industries today. Every electrical and electronic device emits electromagnetic and radio waves while in use. If the emission level exceeds the set limits, it harms the device as well as the operator. Silver mesh is an easily applicable shielding material that can be used in appliances with high radiation levels and in the sensitive equipments that are even influenced by ambient fields.

How does Silver Mesh for magnetic shielding work?

This easily cleanable microwave and radiowave shielding material keeps its equipments inside the mesh to provide complete supply of light and air whilst reducing their exposure to high radiation frequencies from 300 MHz to 3 Hz by 20 dB or more. The shielding efficiency is about 99%. Silver Mesh is capable to provide significant reduction in the electrosensitivity symptoms and sufficiently protects the sides and head of device. Its use is easy with swag hooks and a separable hoop.

Silver is a well accepted material for magnetic shielding mesh as even a thin sheet of this metal can be adequate for shielding from a specific magnetic field. It is an economical alternative to Mumetal for this characterisitc. Additionally Silver is the best material for protection from poor magnetic fields when you need to obtain large attenuation of the earth’s magnetic field shield.

To receive a specific kind of shielding mesh for your application, we also accept drawings including size and quantity requirements. Our engineers are well experienced in the all sorts of magnetic shielding applications. They can help you in choosing the most suitable shielding gasket for your applications and offer free of cost consultation. Contact us today to receive more information.

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