stainless steel mesh for magnetic shielding electronics

Stainless Steel Mesh for Magnetic Shield

Key Features:

1. Standard magnetic shielding performance

2. Prolong service

3. Very cost-effective

Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

The high quality, lightweight and partially transparent Stainless steel mesh is certified for use in the magnetic shielding applications in any static or variable magnetic field. The mesh layer is thin, extremely flexible, firm and corrosion resistant.

Stainless steel is a self adhesive version of EMI magnetic shielding mesh. It is perfect for making shielded boxes for electronic circuits, devices and their framework against magnetic interference in the highly sensible regions for example in control centers. The magnetic shielding functionality can be enhanced by applying many layers of mesh.

Stainless steel Mesh for magnetic shielding Properties

1.      Easy to cut

2.      Large damping at any magnetic field

3.      Screening static magnetic fields such as magnets

4.      Wear and tear resistance

5.      Coated

6.      Bendable and foldable

7.     Natural air and light flow

8.    Attractive and ecological

Stainless steel mesh for magnetic shielding applications

  1. Shielding in transformers
  2. Shielding generators, traction power, power supply boxes
  3. Protection of high voltage lines
  4. Electronic circuits
  5. Permanent DC magnetic field shielding such as from earth magnetic fields and magnets.
  6. Bed canopies
  7. Curtains

Why Stainless steel mesh for magnetic shielding?

Every individual in electronics industry seeks for magnetic shielding solution because using the electronic device increases exposure to the various high to low radiation frequencies which are harmful to human body as well as nearby devices. The radiation and immunity is to be considered in the beginning level while the development of new products. To solve the magnetic interference problems, stainless steel mesh is used for shielding from EMI and RFI.

Stainless steel is the cheapest material for magnetic shielding. Around 90% of shielding solutions are made of steel. We develop the shielding mesh using the corrosion resistant steel grades with excellent shielding properties. Moreover, our shielding mesh is economical because time taking development is not needed to meet the EMI standards.

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