expanded nichrome sheet heater by Heanjia Super-Metals

Expanded Nichrome Sheet Heater

Key Features:

1. Outstanding heat and corrosion resistance

2. Produces tightly adherent oxide layer to prevent oxidation

3. Excellent high temperature performance and strength

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Product Description:

Expanded Nichrome Sheet heater is made for various high temperature resistance applications. Nichrome is widely used as heating elements for its outstanding performance and corrosion resistance. Heanjia Super-Metals produce the Expanded Nichrome Sheet Heater that provides better heat radiation and longer serving life than traditional heating materials.

Expanded Nichrome Sheet Heater Properties

  1. Good heating functionality
  2. Great specific electric resistivity
  3. High strength and ductility
  4. Extreme oxidation resistance

Expanded Nichrome Sheet Heater Uses

Nichrome sustains its excellent mechanical properties at the high temperatures, it has potential to withstand the elevated temperatures at up to 1200oC. By making nichrome into the form of expanded sheet, it can provide even distribution of heat . Meanwhile, it can also be used as structure holder in the high temperature operations. Nichrome heater has diverse applications as heating elements in the industrial and household appliances.

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