Strainers Baskets

Strainers Baskets

Key Features:

1. Chemical resistant

2. High stress tolerable

3. Great ductility and high strength

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Product Description:

Strainers Baskets are used in the piping applications that need a considerably large screen area to pipe area ratio. By providing bigger screen area and decreasing potential pressure loss through the basket, the user can increase the total open area. The strainer basket is used to secure the pipelines, valves and spray nozzles from the water flow troubles. It decreases the need of regular cleaning and maintenance and provides time and cost-effective advantages with lower downtime.
The strainers baskets avoid the damage caused by particulate matter from the process materials. These don’t need the process halt for cleaning as when one strainer basket is filled, the flow is switched to other basket by turning the operating handle of the strainer. Now the first basket can be removed, cleaned and is ready for use again.

Need of Strainer Basket

Gas basket strainer is an essential component that secures the pump/meter/compressor  as well as other parts downstream. Heanjia Super-Metals is  a leading manufacturer of natural and sour gas strainer baskets to provide enhanced system functionality. We are engaged in constructing and testing strainers for turbine meters to upgrade process performance and resist evading due to motion of the basket while in operation.

Our expertise is to size, design, construct and deliver the strainers baskets that will meet your needs accurately. Becoming the key material for several applications, the strainer basket will either be custom designed or standard cast to fulfill the operation criteria.


Strainer Basket Characteristics

  • Regular flow- no halting required to clean the basket
  • Rugged tapered plug design
  • Lift jacket avoids plug galling
  • Quick open cover, no tools needed
  • Large capacity
  • Threaded drain
  • Machined basket seat
  • Precision filters provide reliable performance on a over a large range of concentration with minimum sediment
  • Defect free
  • Holes are created using latest micro-machines and finishing procedures
  • Clogging resistance and anti-wearing ensure uniform service for lifetime
  • Enhanced structural integrity, will tolerate deflection from pump cycling without cracking
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