How architectural mesh screens can transform your place

architectural mesh panels

Durable and lightweight architectural mesh screens are advantageous in many zones. Some of them include parking facilities, walls, partitions, ceiling, sound absorber etc. The transparency of architectural mesh allows it to act as natural ventilation. By using architectural mesh on the façade of your parking place, you can prevent the need for expensive HVAC systems. In this you will not only limit costs even also have a positive environmental impact. Meanwhile the mesh openings allow suitable flow of light and air to pass through the parking place hence allowing vehicle gases to be moved outside the garage.

Whether your parking area is established in snow or desert heat or high winds, architectural mesh facades in your parking garages are functional for any weather conditions. The cost-effective stainless steel architectural mesh panels act as an effective barrier to weather conditions across the world.

Nominal maintenance and easy to use

These decorative mesh screens come handy with complete installation instructions. We provide unique engineering support and calculations for each project based on your demands and offer onsite assistance to prevent risk. The mesh panels once installed, requite little to no maintenance.

Economical price

Architectural mesh screens at economical prices are available for different levels installation of your parking garage. The cost of this substructure is considerably lower than façade materials.

Aesthetically appealing

Architectural woven wire mesh meets your aesthetic and functional requirements. With a large range of mesh patterns and the potential to create images on them, you can fully customize your parking garage and create a place that looks totally exotic.

Mesh screens for media facades

With transparent media façade solutions, you can create an interactive façade that has a potential of directing your message to the outer world while serving as a secondary wall. Architectural mesh combined with advanced LED technology enables to create unique lighting effects in various colors. The media screen appears as a suitable stainless steel mesh façade even also without a light display. Thus you can create a homogeneous look of the façade which can be maintained in combination with different media resolutions. Overall you receive an excellent sheet of media architecture.

The beautiful woven metal or perforated mesh usually upstages the material’s essential functional advantages. These include solar screening, acoustic transparency, ventilation, security and safety, space sculpting, and masking.

Architectural mesh for any building type

Ranging from parking garages and pedestrian bridges to art venues and major sports areas, Heanjia offers mesh screens with graceful structures across the world. Decorative mesh for interiors and exteriors of museums, libraries, hospitals and educational centers, Heanjia delivers mesh to transform the ordinary into revolutionary.

Well engineered structures

A large range of versatile and rigid designs are the best engineered structures in the industry. We continually develop new mesh patterns, finishes and innovative ways to use mesh to achieve specific architectural looks and functionalities.

Popular applications of architectural mesh screens

Canopies, ceilings, facades curtains, parking places, wall cladding, sign boards, security screens, solar shading, elevators, towers etc.

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