Insect mesh screens- Ultimate protection against insects

insect screens

Stainless steel insect screen is made of stainless alloy (Type 304, 316, 316l) which is bright in color and is plain weaved. This alloy has resistance to heat, corrosion, rust, alkalis and acids. This alloy has excellent stability and is used in various high temperature applications such as in civil constructions & workshops.

Standard specifications of Insect screen factory are

  • Width of roll: 1.22 meters
  • Mesh count per inch: 18 x 14
  • Wire diameter: 0.22 mm

Our Insect screen supplier offers mesh made from T316 marine grade stainless steel which has higher tensile strength. These security screens have resistance to humidity and other corrosive media. These screens use a chemical bonded fixing system eliminating the need for rivets & screws and enhancing the aesthetic qualities & reducing the corrosion process. Insect screens are used for French doors, Pivot doors, Bi-fold doors, Casement windows, Stacker doors and Awning windows. The retractable & pleated insect screens use an excellent design system combined with a strong & durable mesh which makes these screens reliable for prevention of the insects & flies from intruding. A retractable system enables the users to roll out the screen when they need it and roll it when they don’t. It smoothly retracts into the cassette which blends seamlessly with the windows & door frames. Retractable insect screens have a standard soft close system or a multi-lock system. The multi-lock soft close system allows the screen to be fixed part way along the screen opening so it can be left partially open. This screen is suitable for making a small opening for people and pets to go in & out. Insect screens are made of excellent quality stainless steel which is tough & durable ensuring high security. These screens are available in a wide range of colors & designs.

Insect screens made of aluminum are used not only to keep bugs out but also to prevent other unwanted intruders from entering. The grille is riveted at regular spacing around the entire frame making the door safe & secure. These screens are cost-effective and have an excellent performance when fitted with a triple lock. Aluminum Insect screens are available in various shapes, colors & sizes including various mesh finishes & colors to match the décor. These insect screens are used in various applications such as

  • Multi-stacking sliding doors
  • Single sliding doors
  • Single-hinged doors
  • Fixed window grilles
  • Double sliding doors
  • Double hinged doors

Aluminum insect screens are available in black aluminum and bright aluminum which are easy to work, light weight and corrosion resistant. T-304 Stainless Steel insect screens are silver in color and are strong & corrosion resistant. T-316 Stainless Steel insect screens are also silver in color and an upgrade to T-304. T-316 Stainless Steel mesh insect screens are strong, corrosion resistant and used for harsh surroundings such as salt water environments.

Features of Insect screens are

  • Allows ventilation with clear view and ensures protection.
  • Specially designed multi-point lock system option available.
  • High resistance to Forced Entry.
  • Made of highly tensile marine grade Stainless Steel mesh.
  • Innovative design.