Interior and exterior applications of decorative panels of Perforated sheet

copper nickel perforated sheet

Heanjia process a wide range of materials including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and high nickel alloys in our factory. With a client base in diverse industries, we have an expertise in producing large scale of decorative mesh products. These screens have various applications, few of them are:

  1. Acoustic Control: Decorative metal mesh perforated sheet for soundproofing helps reducing acoustic emissions in addition to acting as a supporting structure for other less durable sound-insulating materials. Various sound baffle design applications use perforated sheets of specific hole size and open area to eliminate the unnecessary sound frequencies.
  2. Light Screening and shading: If you are looking for a rigid screening application with appealing touch, choose the perforated metal. The sheets can be produced in vibrant designs to enhance the appearance of your building in addition to providing shading.
  3. Heat loss: Perforated metal sheets have also a significant role in thermal controls, these help in heat dissipation in quenching system, hot air ventilation etc. The combination of effective function with attractive aesthetics through special patterning offering a suitable complement to the function of products.
  4. Security and protection: Perforated sheets are also popularly used for guarding of machinery or hot surfaces to prevent manual loss while allowing clear vision to the equipment or process.
  5. Filtration and screening: Open area in perforated sheet can be made exactly as per specification, due to this, perforated sheets are suitable for filtering, separation or sorting materials. The open area may vary in different ways to influence the flow rate, filter size hence offering maximum accuracy.
  6. Anti-Skid Walk surface: Industrial and commercial floors are commonly made from perforated metal to provide excellent grip to ensure safe access to destination areas. Particularly in conditions with high exposure to moisture or dust.
  7. Lightweight: Perforated sheets for being lightweight material are ideal to transport equipments easily. Additionally, folding or dimpling sheets create a rigid effect to prevent weakening of components due to the removal of material.
  8. EMF shielding: Another major application of perforated sheet is in enclosing electrical components to attenuate their EMI or RFI radiation while allowing ventilation. Their use is the best way to prevent radio interference in electronic items.

Perforation Orientations

The commonly used perforation is rectangular orientation. If you look for another orientation, contact Heanjia to discuss the available options.

We can work with you to create custom perforation for your specific requirements. Our in-house processes complete products to provide an economical result. You can find customized perforation to suit your needs. We have a wide range of tooling to use to suit your project and create required patterns.

Perforated metal has become an increasingly popular choice for traditional interior applications. Earlier used only for roofing and exterior facades, these sheets have moved inside too to produce creative and beautiful designs. Perforated sheets provide almost endless palette design options including thickness, material, color and finish to create an attractive visual design and style which owners find really amazing.

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