Practical architectural and constructive applications of Perforated Metal

mesh screens

Architectural application of perforated metal sheets is one of the most prominent uses of these sheets. It includes cladding of faces, decoration of interiors, column cover, staircase design and creating security walls and enclosures. Heanjia provide architects and builders, perforated sheets with special advantages of sunshade, noise control, lightweight fencing, energy saving and control of access.

Perforated sheets amaze with their diversity and artistic illumination. They are not only used to decorate the buildings even  also to develop a new image of the houses. Made from durable materials of aluminum and stainless steels, the perforated sheets provide similar shimmering and light changing potentials. Various shades from dark to light are produced depending on the sun rays fall on the building. Unique stainless steel perforated panels offer decorative and practical application of screens like shutters to open and close windows and doors. The screens can undergo several adjustments as required. Perforated stainless steel screens perfectly reflect sun light and artificial lights to provide a supreme contrast of hotel and environment.

Perforated metal sheets perform a major role in the control of temperature and air ventilation in buildings with a regulated light permeability providing illumination from outside. These sheets are becoming more and more common in architectural design and are widely used as façade material, fencing construction for motorways and sidewalks, benches, garbage cans and bicycle sheds. There is also an increased chance of using perforated sheets as decorative materials in building facades, windows and constructions.

Features of decorative metal mesh perforated sheets can solve various technical problems such as reinforcing brick masonry, junction connection, floor concreting and more. The sheet is technologically used to control noise as the holes created in the metal sheet play a major role in sound absorption. The perforated sheet can also be widely used in shielding electromagnetic fields. A major application of these sheets is seen as barrier for sun rays and wind.

Reduction in solar radiation and sun shading

In modern times, glass panels in building windows and doors are insulated and hence in cold seasons less energy is used for heating the place. Perforated metal only works as a shielding element but also adds to the creaton of essential cooling to decrease energy use by using solar screens. Studies on the direction of solar radiation on windows at different times of the day and year describe that usually sun rays directly fall on the windows. Common horizontal structures separating balconies and loggias cannot prevent the direct entrance of sun rays to the room, particularly in the morning time when the sun rays fall for lower period.

Use of perforated sheets distribute the sun radiation and provide better comfort place by preventing the excess sunlight. Perforated metal shutters can be used on the windows to control the sun radiation. They radically transform the façade view being closed or open allow a different opening angle hence regulating the amount of sunlight that can enter to your place.