sintered filter disc for chemical plants

Sintered Filter Disc

Key Features:

  1. High firmness
  2. Great filter precision
  3. Frequent cleaning
  4. Prolong service
Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

Sintered filter disc is more advantageous in the various manners rather traditional filtration elements. It has high strength and uniform openings with great precision. The sintered filter discs are produced in a variety of size specifications. Filtration rate ranging from 0.5 micron to 100 micron is achieved with 99.9 % efficiency. Sintered metal filter disc has significant filtration characteristics. The micron rating is tested in our in-house testing facility to offer the confirmed filtration rating. 

Sintered Filter Disc Performance-Operating pressure limit

Heanjia’s sintered filter disc is primarily produced for vacuum filtration or gas flow at medium to high pressure. We produce a very large range of Sintered filter disc sets in the different sizes and openings. They offer great filtration, cleaning and drying properties.

The filter disc is constructed of sintered mesh using different metals such as special alloys and stainless steel for performance in the diverse filtration media. It is extensively utilized in pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food storage and processing industries.

Sintered Filter Disc Applications

  1. Filtration of corrosive gases and liquids
  2. Process steam filtration
  3. High temperature fluids and gases refining
  4. Catalyst recovery from reactors
  5. Gas and liquid contacting or sparging

Heanjia Super-Metals is a reputed manufacturer and exporter of supreme quality Sintered filter discs. Made in the unlimited dimensions, we have received wide appreciation by their precise performance. Their variety of thicknesses, openings and construction materials makes them a very consistent product. To receive more information about our Sintered filter disc, please contact us today.

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